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iPhone 14 glitch hits users
iPhone 14 glitch hits users

iPhone 14 glitch hits users

Bad news for anyone considering buying the next iPhone. People who bought the iPhone 14 pro shortly after its release have reported bugs/glitches with recording videos with third-party apps.

1) Camera Shaking

The camera produces blurry and shaky footage when using third-party apps. This is particularly terrible for iPhone 14 pro users, who purchase gadgets in light of camera results and is a content creator, yet this obstacle is a major one to disregard.

Apple’s update to the iPhone 14 Pro incorporates a few changes, for example, a 48-megapixel sensor and an activity mode for catching smoother video, yet the genuine issue is the outsider utilizing the camera. App seems to have hardware sync problem. Many users have noticed on social media that the camera module starts shaking while using many social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. 9to5Mac also announced a similar issue and reported it to Apple, revealing that recordings using a third-party application were unable to be delivered due to horrendous movement. Some users complained that they could hear shaking and even mechanical movements when using the camera features of third-party apps.

2) iMessage & FaceTime

A few users are not having the option to get iMessages and FaceTime hits subsequent to setting up their new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Expert. Apple has brought up this really difficult issue through a help report that cautions clients to refresh to the most recent iOS.

As per Apple consumers, they have shared the following remarks
  • Messages now appear as two separate threads instead of one.
  • You cannot receive iMessages or FaceTime calls.
  • Sending a message to another Apple device shows a green speech bubble instead of a blue speech bubble.
  • If you choose a phone number, the recipient will see that the message was sent from the wrong account.

3) iOS 16 copy-paste bug

This issue influences the iPhone 14 and more established iPhones running iOS 16. There have been other complaints of too many pop-ups alerts to attempting to copy and paste content.

4) Data Migration

Apple is exploring a bug that might cause iPhone 14 Star and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max models to freeze after Users move their information from older iPhones.

iPhone 14 glitch hits users

5) Battery

Apple consumers have always reported weak battery life cycles which have always been the main cause of why people shift to other Mobile devices. The tech giant has always addressed to apple consumers better battery life but unfortunately, there have been no improvements so far.


The company has not officially addressed the issues facing iPhone 14 Pro users, but tech commentators believe there may be software issues that need to be fixed. We can only assume that they might release an iOS 16 update that could fix this issue.

So, we wait and see.

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